Best Energy Drink

Rapon Energy Drink

Very High caffeine Content

Rapon energy drinks are drinks with special function for people who are active and lively.
These drinks are designed and produced for people who are interested in feeling good and increasing their physical and mental strength.
You can enjoy the memorable taste and rich energy of Rapon at all times, while working, studying, driving, exercising and living day and night.

For everyone in all seasons

At dinner parties, in addition to the main course, a large number of drinks and desserts are usually served.

A dinner party is a detailed dinner party that is usually held for a special occasion or at the end of an important gathering.

rapon energy drink

Energy value: 169kJ / 40kcal

Carbohydrate: 9.3 g

of which sugars: 9.3 g

Niacin: 0.16 g

Pantothenic acid: 2 mg

VitaminB6: 0.7 mg

VitaminB12: 0.5 µg